Come to a Free Webinar!

You’re invited to a free Webinar on March 10th

Even though we don’t have a community for people whose lives have been impacted by Short Bowel Syndrome, we’re delighted that our Ben’s Friends Rare Diseases club at University of Toronto has invited us to join them at this event.

Special guest at the Webinar will be Swapna Kakani, who is a vibrant and dynamic speaker. Swapna speaks not only about her condition, but about how she manages to live a full life despite the challenges it presents. She’s an inspiration for sure!

The Seminar is on March 10th (Wednesday) from 6 to 8 pm.

To register, click on the link below.

If this is your first Zoom seminar, you will have complete control of your visibility and your participation. You can listen in privately (nobody will be able to see or hear you), you can switch on your mic & camera and ask the speaker a question “face to face”, or anything in between. You can even slip out, unnoticed, if necessary.