Just a minute: can you give that back to Ben’s Friends?

Yippee! It’s a long weekend for some of us! OK, not really a lo-o-o-ng weekend, but for those of us who are going off daylight savings time in the dark hours of tomorrow night, it is an hour longer than an ordinary weekend. What do you have planned for your extra hour?

How about spending just one minute of that hour donating a few words to the Ben’s Friends upcoming fundraiser?

We’d love to get a “sound bite” from you: just a line or two sharing what Ben’s Friends has meant to you. This kind of thing:

We’ve set it up so that you just have to click on the blue sentence below, fill in the short form, and click “submit”. No emailing, finding a pen that works, getting your wallet, putting things in envelopes or licking stamps. Nope.

Click. One minute. Submit. How easy is that?

To start, just click on this:
Yes, I’ll take one minute to tell what Ben’s Friends has meant to me!