Our apologies

Have you had an unwelcome “detour” in your recent navigation around our community? Lately, some people are reporting that they have received “Access denied” messages and been sent on detours to x-rated sites. Don’t worry, it’s not you … it’s us.

Some evil force has got into the inner workings of our websites. Our technical people are on it and working overtime trying to figure out who (or what) is corrupting our links, and how to foil them. Meanwhile, we ask for your patience.

This is very frustrating for us, and we apologize for the attacks spoiling your experience here. Long time members will tell you that spammers, trolls and corrupting influences are very few and far between on Ben’s Friends. We are proud of that record, and hope to get things back to normal very soon.

The Moderator Support Team: TJ, Seenie, Azurelle and Merl