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Sascha GallardoJuly 1, 2022

Good news! You can now receive a copy of Ben’s Friends’ quarterly e-newsletter.

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  • Get updates about our new and existing projects. Aside from keeping our communities safe and supportive, Ben’s Friends is also working on other projects that will benefit patients, their families, and loved ones.

These include, among others, providing information about disease specialists, clinical trials, and medical studies that may be of interest to them.

  • Receive tips on managing rare and chronic illnesses as well as how to help patients. We regularly work on blog articles that contain tips such as how to better manage a specific disease, how to prepare for doctor’s appointments, and different ways friends and loved ones can help patients.

  • Get to know more about Ben’s Friends. We also feature our volunteers and members in our blogs. Meet the wonderful people at Ben’s Friends and receive more information about the organization through our newsletter.

  • Learn about opportunities to help. Ben’s Friends rely on the support of friends and family. By subscribing, you will also receive information on how you can change people’s lives.

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